Evoloop will do all that the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Plus (EDP) did, plus:

  • True stereo;
  • Smaller;
  • Lower cost;
  • Less noise;
  • 260px x 64px LCD display, readable in direct sunlight;
  • Power down loop recall;
  • USB and Ethernet connections;
  • 19" rackmount or table top;
  • There are no mechanical parts nor holes in the front pannel, so its very resistent;

Plus: ...it has this magical look...

So unplug the Echoplex, plug in the Evoloop and play. No need to learn new things!

BUT we want more:

  • It's an Evoloop and will evolve!
  • We gathered loads of ideas over the last two decades of discussion on the web and at the festivals...
  • The processor is 100 times more powerful than the EDP's, so we have the power to implement all that...

So far its prototype (vaporware?). All parts are basically working, but it still will take several months to make it perfect... It will be worth your while!

Evoloop works as a 1HE 19" rack unit or table top. To achieve this, the front is inclined and long rack ears are distatchable.


  • 320mm x 44mm x 77mm;


  • 2 x 1/4" Stereo In;
  • 2 x 1/4" Stereo Out;
  • 1 x 1/4" EDP pedal board;
  • 1 x 1/4" Expression Pedal;
  • USB master (for MIDI controllers);
  • USB slave (sound transfer with computer);
  • Ethernet (for Sync and software upgrade);
  • 5V DC wall wart.

Front pannel:

  • 17 touch buttons;
  • 1 touch slider;
  • display 256x64 pixels, transflective (works with reflection in sunlight and LED backlight in the dark).

Evoloop is an initiative of Matthias Grob, the creator of the Paradis LOOP delay and Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro.

Our partners are:

  • Pedro Itan Andrade (Brazil):front pannel hardware, touch software, layout, gantt plan;
  • Thomas Maier (Germany): linux and main hardware;
  • Philip Scheidegger (Switzerland): hardware, layout and CE test;
  • Rolf Spuler (Switzerland): mech design and visual effects;
  • Andy Ewen + Ian @ Straight Edge and DBA (GB): manufacturing and distribution;
  • Andy Butler (GB): some software contribution, consulting and testing.

Thanks to:

  • Gary Hall, Keith McMillen, Kim Flint, Bob Amstadt, Timothy Crowe, Rick Walker and so many loopers who helped with hard work, good ideas, good mood and critics to get here!! (more about these people);
  • Rafael Borges Dias Baptista (Brazil): this site.
  • Aurisis - the company that created the software LOOP;
  • LiveLooping.org - a not quite ready site about the music and;
  • Loopers-Delight - the site that made LiveLooping technique known in the world
  • Matthias Grob - the creators site with thoughts and history and music
  • Y2K - the biggest live looping festival in Santa Cruz CA
  • Videos of the last Y2K live looping festival